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By booking/ requesting BPJV’s services for transporting and/or loading and/or unloading or any other BPJV’s services as the case may be, the Sub-Contractor/Supplier agrees to pay BPJV for such services at rates specified by BPJV plus 15% administration charges; subject to adjustments from time to time by BPJV to reflect prevailing market rates.

The Sub-Contractor/Supplier further acknowledges that BPJV holds no responsibility and/or liability in the event any property or goods are damaged or misplaced during any activity rendered to and/or for any delays to the Sub-Contractor/Supplier.

At all times, the Sub-Contractor/Supplier must provide sufficient supervision and manpower and liaise with BPJV to ensure the smooth, safe and timely completion of the assistance rendered.

All requests to be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Service confirmation will be notified.

Submission does not warrant a guaranteed service delivery, subject to availability.
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