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By booking/ requesting BPJV’s services for transporting and/or loading and/or unloading or any other BPJV’s services as the case may be, the Sub-Contractor/Supplier agrees to pay BPJV for such services at rates specified by BPJV plus 15% administration charges; subject to adjustments from time to time by BPJV to reflect prevailing market rates.
The Sub-Contractor/Supplier further acknowledges that BPJV holds no responsibility and/or liability in the event any goods are damaged or misplaced during transportation and/or loading and/or unloading and/or for any delays to the Sub-Contractor/Supplier.
At all times, the Sub-Contractor/Supplier must provide sufficient supervision and manpower and liaise with BPJV to ensure the smooth, safe and timely delivery of its goods and/or plant and/or equipment. 
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